JUST RUN is completely devoted to creating a variety of running events for all capabilities and experience levels. We care for running as much as you do, which is why we have created a broad collection of running events for anyone to experience and enjoy. We have a well-defined enthusiasm for running, and we solemnly focused on creating events that are set to have an astounding atmosphere.

JUST RUN will set out to design very inspiring events that are dedicated to our sport. It’s worthy to note the non-exclusive nature of running; running is an appealing athlete who allows each of its enthusiasts to partake. It gives no room to an exemption. So, what’s stopping you fastening your trainers and getting here with us and being more active?

I never thought that I would like running, but wanted to make an effort to become more productive. I began running late in my life at the age of 40 and after running in a very small and enjoyable 5k event in December 2016, I become motivated, inspired and wanted to see what I could do. Since then, I have run in many events and completing many marathons. Running had become my passion; I had grown to cherish running and the race day occasion is unimaginable.

There is no better feeling of achieving something that you thought was impossible. We are customer focused that aim to provide running events for everyone, whatever level you are at. We consolidate both the love of running and a competitive aspect of running so that everyone can JUST RUN. We are remarkably motivated to provide great events that will inspire and keep you motivated. We strive to set out an astonishing atmosphere so that all participants will appreciate running and will want to keep running. If you have the determination and endurance to JUST RUN then you will be rewarded.

Our Aim:

  • To create and organise fantastic running events that will be suitable for everyone, with great family atmosphere.
  • To aim bring the same passion to all that we do and are proud to support all runners in their efforts to achieve their goals
  • To work hard to deliver a special occasion for every runner.
  • We strive to encourage, inspire and motivate everyone; whether you are a beginner or a fitness admirer.

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Once you step-in and decide to take part in one of our running events you will become motivated and be eager to do more. Because when you cross that finish line, I can tell you that it’ll be great, you will get an unbelievable sense of achievement when you finish and get that amazing medal.

Have the courage to start, and it will be your greatest reward, so aim high and enjoy the experience. We will make sure it is fun for everyone

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